Biggest Banking Trends of 2022

Biggest Banking Trends of 2022

Show notes

In this special episode, we look at some of this year’s biggest banking trends. From meeting consumer’s unique needs to scaling for strength, Sean and Gina discuss how banks are delivering in our post-pandemic era. One important reality coming out of COVID is how people of all generations are prioritizing financial wellness, and banks, especially community financial institutions, are in the perfect position to provide education and support. Another major theme from 2022 is the idea of M&A leading to serving more and serving better. That means banks are assessing formats across their whole branch network. Whether kickstarted by M&A or simply though organic expansion, banks are getting more efficient through downsizing while looking like they’re upsizing, especially when it comes to customer experience. A keen eye on their brand is an important element of delivering that ideal branch banking experience.

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